Ask your friendly GM what these should be set to:
Counters / Units
ComStar Interdicts affect:
Star League +2 affects:
Counter: a single combat game piece (i.e. 'Mech or Conventional).
Unit: includes 1 single Counter AND/OR a Unit Combination of 2 Counters.
Your           Enemy
Units Leaders           Units Leaders
Interdicted by ComStar Interdicted by ComStar
Star League +2 Star League +2
Kill Order: Kill Order:
Number of Simulations: (1 - 10,000)

-Counters in the second column are combined with the adjacent unit in the first column into a single Unit.
-Leader skills should be listed in the third column.
-Leaders will be used if the combined units remaining are less then 10. (They are not always used in the most efficient manner.)
-Smallest First: The Counter with the least power will die first. If multiple Counters have the same power, the Counter listed closer to the bottom will die.
-Bottom First: Counters will die from the bottom to the top with preference for the second column before the unit it is combined with in the first column.

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